Fit Two Explore

A travel journal for Giovanna and Eric

Follow us on our journey as we move away from San Francisco and travel throughout South-East Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

Home Is Where The Heart Is

Thank you for following us on our journey!  We are so humbled to be sharing our travel experiences with you and hope we can inspire some travel thoughts of your own.  We are intending this blog to be a “His & Hers” account of our journey abroad. Once a week we will both be providing individual journal entries, from “His & Hers” perspective. Ideally each of us will summarize an exceptional week, but only time will tell :).  We are looking forward to seeing how our opinions align.  Thank you again for enjoying our journey with us.  Peace and Love.  – Giovanna and Eric.


This journal was originally created to follow a couple on an adventure of a life time as they packed everything they owned into a backpack and travel the world. Now the couple has completed that journey and landed in Seattle, Washington, USA. However, the wife (that’s me) has found that she has some unfinished business abroad. Therefore, follow me, Giovanna (the wife in fittwoexplore), as I travel through Thailand and Myanmar. XOXO – Giovanna


Our Engagement Video - Cabo (Lands End)