Happiness is a roadtrip. Kinda.

Well we have officially boxed up all our belonging, packed our bags and made the long roadtrip from San Francisco to Denver.  It was a long drive, but we took some timeout to see some natural wonders (and Las Vegas).  Here is a short recap of our trip:

Day 1: San Francisco to Sequoia National Park to Las Vegas

Before we departed San Francisco, Eric had to stop for his last cup of Philz Coffee.  He sure will miss that place, but not the price per cup $4.50.  Side note, this price was representative of everything in San Francisco.  This cup of coffee was savored all the way to our first stop to Sequoia National Park.  This was a short stop, but we got to see the largest tree in the world (by volume).  The tree, “General Sherman” is so big, only the base of the tree fits into the picture.

General Sherman

After spending a few hours in the park, mostly driving around, we got to see some massive trees (Sequoias and Redwoods), Kings Canyon and Hume Lake.  From here was grabbed some food just outside of the park and continued our trip to Las Vegas (yes it was a welcomed change of pace).  We stayed are the Hard Rock hotel and had a great view of the strip.

Las Vegas

Day 2: Las Vegas to Zion National Park 

We spent the morning in Las Vegas and had a great breakfast at The Mirage (The Pantry).  After breakfast, we made the short drive to Zion National Park.  We got our campsite setup 🙂 and took off for a sunset hike to Angels Landing.  This is probably not the best hike to be completing at night, but Giovanna was determined to make it.  The view made it all worthwhile:

Zion National Park

After the sunset, we hiked 2.5 miles down to the trailhead and another 3.5 miles through the valley floor back to our car.  The distance was not the issue with this hike, it was all the eyes we could see on the side of the road looking at us as we walked back in the dark.  Needless to say, we zipped back to the car and to the campsite.

Day 3: Zion National Park to Arches National Park to Denver

After an uncomfortable nights sleep, we got up for a quick breakfast at the lodge and then went to the Narrows for a quick view.  We did not spend much time at the Narrows (time and equipment limitations), but we did see this chunky little guy.  The caption below is incorrect, but accurately reflects how big this guy was.

  General Sherman

From Zion we drove like gangbusters to make it to Arches National Park to watch the sunset over Delicate Arch.  The sunset was stunning like always, but was somewhat overshadowed by an unsettling event.  An unfortunate photographer lost his footing and slipped into the pit just in front of the arch.  A helicopter was called in to take him to the hospital.  By the time the helicopter arrived, the guy was conscious but in bad condition.  We need heard the end result of this little accident.

Delicate Arch

As soon as the sun set and everything else calmed down, we hiked back down to the car for the last leg of our trip, six hours to Denver CO.  This was a tough section to drive considering the lack of sleep we both had, but it was nice to end our trip with a comfortable bed.  The three days zipped by, but we certainly had a great experience.


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