On your marks, get set…


Today begins our journey to the other side of the globe. There might be some associated nerves, but for the most part it actually marks a sigh of relief as the last two weeks have been a whirlwind of activities. We moved from our home in San Francisco, competed in a 24 hour adventure race, road tripped across the country (see previous post), attended a wedding in the town where Giovanna grew up (Fairhope Al), and shared valuable time with family/friends. We have had a tremendous outpouring of supporting from everybody, and we truly appreciate the time, help and love everybody has given us during this transition. Most importantly, thanks to our families for providing us a place to sleep and some great food! I’ve needed this food to help pork up before the impending reversal of fortune. But now all our bags are properly stowed and electronics are going into airplane mode. Catch you on the flip side. 


And so the journey begins….. After a 2 week road trip through the great states of America visiting loved ones and eating excessively (shout out to uncle peewee for dat gumbo #blessed) we are finally here, boarding our flight (the second of many flights) to Vietnam. *Side note, if you ever have the option to fly Virgin airlines, do because it is awesome! The seats have so much room & are so comfortable! You go Virgin Airlines! #glencocoforpres* I can’t even begin to explain the amount of emotions that are going through me as I sit in the San Francisco airport (ironic, I know). I am not exactly sure if I am nervous, anxious, scared, worried, excited, overwhelmed or if my stomach is just having a hard time processing the large amount of spicy/rich Cajun food that I forced down within my 48 hours in the bayou…. Either way I am not feeling exactly how I imagined I would…. But then again I am not exactly sure how I imagined I would feel at this moment. Eric and I have been talking about this day from the first time we met (I would say it was that first conversation we had in Vegas that led us to where we are now). *Poor Eric, if he would have known then what he knows now we might not be sitting in this airport together. I mean, am I a good traveling partner? I usually just sleep the whole time which allows Eric to read, listen to podcasts, watch documentaries, play sudoku, take embarrassing photos of me sleeping and do whatever other things that entertain him. But then on the flip side when I am awake and active I am trying to control the radio (he usually wins because “driver makes the rules” and he doesn’t ever let me drive), talking about who knows what (I get that from my Dad), beating him in sudoku (I am the grand master #winning), playing on my phone, asking if we can stop for ice cream or eating. Thinking about it all now I would say I probably make the best traveling partner (you’re welcome, Eric).* But, man oh man, I am glad this day is FINALLY here! We have been planning this moment for so long! Booking flights, saving money, creating budgets, doing research, creating itineraries, adding to the itineraries, getting vaccines & don’t forget moving our stuff across the country in order to move across the globe (this part of the sentence makes more sense in my head than when reading it). But after 24 months of planning here we are… boarding the plane & questioning everything! Is this trip going to effect us? Will we come back different people? Will this trip change our views on life? Will our relationship be effective? Will we see things that we aren’t prepared for? Will we eat bizarre things? Will we be put in uncomfortable situations? I surely hope so

“You weren’t born to just pay bills and die.” -Anonymous







2 thoughts on “On your marks, get set…

  1. I’m crying my eyes out as I read both ~ his/hers!
    I think I may be more emotional than the both of you!
    I soooo admire you for your quest to venture the world and leave your mark on every venture you encounter.
    Eric, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ~ take care of my girl!!!!!!!!!!!!! I trust you in every sense of the word!!!
    I love you both beyond measure!! And, I’ve NEVER admired anyone more than I have for the two of you!
    ENJOY all that your eyes and heart will allow!!!
    ~Aunt Tracy


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