Australia (Brisbane & Gold Coast)


We have been in Australia for a little over a week and time is just flying by. This is the first opportunity for us to just kick back and relax after our frenetic pace in Asia. Our flight from Asia (Bangkok) to Australia (Gold Coast), was the red-eye, so we utilized the day we arrived to sleep, sleep, sleep! Once we got caught up on sleep, and adjusted to the heat, we began our process to get acclimated to the city. We have spent a lot of time hiking around the city and taking public transportation to run all of our errands. There has been an occasional Uber ride to get us to a specific restaurant or bar. All in all, transportation is easy and hopefully we will be able to continue this trip without needing our own car.My first impressions of Brisbane: Everything is really clean. People are really nice when you engage them in conversation, but don’t expect them to say hi while you pass them on the sidewalk. People seem to be in really good shape, so that should provide some added motivation for us to start getting in the workout groove again. The weather is hot, but the evenings are really comfortable. Dining out is expensive, so hopefully we will begin to limit this expense. And most importantly, our accommodations are fantastic! Thank you Marissa for letting us crash at your Brisbane pad! We are truly grateful that we have the opportunity to stay at her place while we are trying to figure life out. All in all, our time here has been fantastic!

Since we missed our chance to visit the beach in Asia, Giovanna has been hell bent on making it to the beach here asap. So on Monday we packed our small bags and headed down to the Gold Coast. We took public transportation and it was relatively quick and inexpensive. Once we arrived, we immediately headed to the beach and lounged around for most of the afternoon. The beach there is amazing!! At night we grabbed a quick dinner and watched the supermoon rise up over the ocean. We only stayed one night at the Gold Coast, but since it’s so close and convenient to Brisbane, i’m sure we will be back there a few times.

As I am writing this, we are on a 15 hour train ride to Sydney. It’s kinda cool…and it kinda sucks. We will be traveling to Sydney and Melbourne for the next week. After this trip it’s time to get some jobs.


Well we have officially been residents of Australia for one full week and my initial reaction is “Fack yeah!” I mean, FINALLY, I have found the most perfect place for me and it only took until the age of 26 to find it. I consider that to be very lucky because a lot of people never find their perfect place, they just settle wherever they grew up, their family has moved them or worse, where they get a job. Therefore, I feel very lucky to have had parents that moved me all over and now to have a spouse who loves to move around just as much as me #soulmates. So why do I love Queensland so much? How is it different from any other place I have been before? Well here is why: 1. The people are so nice it can get to be a little annoying at times. For example, I was in line at Target exchanging the blow dryer I had purchased for one that has a cool setting on it (no ac + 90 degree heat + blow drying hair = death) and while I waited my turn, the woman in front of me was complaining because she lost her phone. First of all, it is your fault not Targets that you lost your phone and second of all they told you they don’t have it so crying at the counter and blaming them for not finding it is not going to make the phone magically appear. But the annoying part was that the Target worker was so nice she just kept comforting the woman and announcing over her head set the situation. Like, what? I mean I appreciate how nice the worker was being but you did all that you could do so move on, you got people in line. 2. The weather is perfect all year round! The average temperature is 78 degrees. I am sorry, what? Yes, 78 with clear skies and a nice breeze! I cant even. 3. Public transportation. Not only is commuting around the city easy via train, bus, ferry, bike, feet, roller blades (reason 3.5 I love it here, everyone is rollerblading every where) but also the entire continent. For example, we took a 1 hour train ride from Brisbane down to the Gold Coast to enjoy some relaxing at Surfers Paradise, rated one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, and tomorrow we are taking a 15 hour train ride down the east coast for ONLY $33 to visit Sydney. That is just crazy and awesome at the same time! 4 & 5. Rent is cheap and the exchange rate is in our favor so what isn’t there to love about those 2 things? 6. Eco friendly. The entire country actually cares about the the health of themselves, the planet and the species they share it with. Most homes do not have air con and I have yet to see or hear of a clothes dryer existing. Smoking cigarettes is highly frowned upon which adds to reason 6.5 The healthy life style. Everyone here is so fit! I have not seen a single person who doesn’t look like they work out, let alone is over weight. 7. Laid back, carefree lifestyle. Everyone here is so calm and causal. No one is running around like a crazy person working all hours of the day. People don’t let money control their lives. People are not afraid to be individuals (most business men are covered in tattoos and business woman have purple hair). The society is so accepting of one another, no judgment coming from anyone, you can actually be who you want to be. The best part is that most people don’t even go to college but are successful and not considered lower class (everyone here is in the same class which I think contributes to the acceptance and positivity). The typical person will graduate high school at the age of 17, travel for a year, return home and find a job in a field that interest them so they can actually learn the trade from hands on experience instead of waisting 4 years at school learning how to memorize pointless information to pass a test to then go into a field and learn a trade from hands on experience. In my opinion this not only makes for a more mature society but also a more stabilized society. Why? Because no one is running around in debt causing their lives to be miserable. Oh wait, education is free!!!! Meaning it is socially acceptable to not go to college and waste 4 years of your life to get a degree in a field that you don’t even end up going into? WOW! Such advance thinking. Mean while in America you cant even be considered for a job without having a masters and an absurd amount of “hours” in the field (where you are working for free, putting yourself more in debt). This brings me to reason 8. FREE health care and education. The number one cause of divorce, suicide, addiction & stress, in the US, is money. Since I have been walking the streets of Brisbane (during all hours and seen every neighborhood) and Gold Coast, I have yet to see 1 homeless person or had a crazy crack head try to attack me. I couldn’t even leave my home in the most expensive part of San Francisco (the most expensive city in the US) without stepping in human poop, stepping on a human, stepping on used drug instruments or being attacked by a high homeless person. 9. Crime rates don’t exist. 10. The government provides FREE WIFI throughout the entire city and cell phone rates are dirty cheap! My phone bill here is $25 a month for an unlimited plan with no contract but $100 back in the states for the same plan. I am not even going to go into the large amount of money Sprint wanted for Eric and I to end our contracts early but just know we still pay Sprint every month for phones we don’t even use #asinine I could go on and on about why I love it here but I will stop at 10, I think you get the point that this is my perfect place. I do wanna share a funny story before ending this post…. We had gone to the grocery store early in the day and Eric decided to throw some Vegamite into the basket. When we were checking out I asked him “Vegamite? Did you put that in here on purpose?”(Thinking he got it confused with the jelly). He confirmed it was for him and in the bag it went. Later on that afternoon, I was in the other room packing for our up coming trip when I heard Eric aggressively gagging. I ran into the kitchen to find him being sick in the sink. I asked what was going on but because he was unable to respond I just looked around for clues and then I saw the large spoon covered in Vegamite so of course I chuckled a little to myself but continued to comfort him. Once Eric was able to respond he explained it was the most disgusting thing he has ever tasted. So needless to say we are trying to fit in and emerge ourselves into the culture but are still adjusting 🙂

“I’m not sure what I’ll do, but- well, I want to go places and see people. I want my mind to grow. I want to live where things happen on a big scale.” -F. Scott Fitzgerald

Brisbane CBD
Not sure what kind of ducks these are but they are cute as shit
Gold Coast on a Monday. Brilliant.
Sole Surfer under the Supermoon
Staring contest.

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