Hawaii (Oahu)

Waikiki Sunset
Sea Turtles 🙂 At first we were not sure if he was alive.
But he was, and slowly scooted off.
Top of Koko Crater trail.
Our first sunrise over the Pacific.
Koko Crater Railway Trail – Down
Koko Crater Railway Trail – Up (we hiked up in the dark)


Landing in Hawaii was bittersweet.  It was nice to be back on familiar soil, where we can start to resume our normal lifestyles, however it means a swift conclusion to our travels abroad.   Nothing was more evident of being home than when we were walking to brunch our first morning in Honolulu, and seeing an inordinate amount of excessively large trucks speeding around.   Our whole time abroad, we never saw one single full size truck that was used for personal pleasure.   Given that, a lot of thoughts were flooding my mind about cultural differences, and how our mentality of “bigger is better” is absolutely out of control.

After we had some time to get acclimated to our original way of life, we got our phone reactivated, which was genuinely a nice feeling since traveling abroad was such a struggle to stay connected.   I was sure to txt some people right away to let them know we’re back on the grid.

Now walking around Honolulu, it had the feel of a city that hit it’s prime in the mid-eighties.   A lot of the buildings seem old and unkempt, however that thought vanishes at night when it turns into a lit up, bustling, party city.  This must be the sister city to Las Vegas because it’s also a city that doesn’t sleep.  This was indicative of our AirBNB host, going out late at night, stumbling home drunk, blasting the TV, and sleeping until the afternoon.   Frank (probably the most perfect name for him) was very nice, but a man of that age should probably be a little more put together.

Ultimately we had a fantastic time in Honolulu.   Each night we made time to watch the beautiful sunset, ate some fantastic food, enjoyed a sunrise hike (more my idea of fun than Giovannas), laid out on some beautiful beaches and saw our first sea turtles!!  Well actually two different turtles, and they were both just sunning themselves on the beach.   I’ve always had a fascination with turtles, and feel extremely blessed to have seen them here.

We took advantage of every minute we were on the island, and yet there are still a lot of places that we were unable to get to.   Maybe a future trip to Hawaii will be in store….or maybe some place cheaper.  We’re poor now…but very very happy 🙂


I will start this blog by stating this was our first time to Hawaii and we did no research to gain any “prior knowledge” before landing here. We picked the Oahu island only because we had to travel through Honolulu to get to our next destination. With that being said, I know everyone has their favorite Hawaiian island and I have heard  a lot of mix reviews for each one. But all others opinions aside, would I visit Hawaii again (even to try a different island)? Probably not and here is why: cost, culture, beaches. Not only does it take forever to get here but the cost is incredibly high. The flights are expensive, the accommodations (Airbnb, Hotels, etc) are ridiculously expensive, the taxi/Lyft rides are expensive, plus you will want to rent a car to see the island you are on and to do the “must do” things, which is, you guessed it, expensive. For a whole lot less money you can go to an international destination that is full of culture and better beaches. The beaches in Waikiki (South coast of Oahu) are small, covered in coral (making it impossible to walk on/in), the water color was nothing special and the current was too epic to get in (could be based on the time of year we were here BUT I don’t think Hawaii is known for its surf out of coincidence). We drove to the North part of the island to visit 3 Tables Beach and the water here was brown and not swimmable. So, we drove to the West coast to visit Makaha Beach where the water was beautiful, the sand was soft & golden, the beach was wide and there was a sea turtle just laying in the sand with all the people just simply enjoying the sun with all the humans. Eric actually thought the turtle was fake until the big guy started moving so that was awkward and made us look like idiots who weren’t respecting the wild life’s space. The only negative about this beach was the current and depth of the water *if you are afraid of sea creatures or deep waters aren’t your thing than you will not survive here*. The thing with this beach is that as soon as you step 6 inches into the water the depth is 6 feet (which is very scary and really catches you off guard due to the clearness of the water) and has a rip current. Now, this was a huge positive for all of the AMAZING surfers but a huge negative for those of us who wanted to swim and snorkel. I would say, growing up on a beach, I am an above average swimmer but this current was so strong that there were a few times I was scared for my life and swallowed more sea water than a human ever should in one life time. BUT the beach itself was one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever been to *there is something extra beautiful about blue water being surrounded by green moutains that really warms my heart* & the ocean water was the perfect temperature. So, overall, I have mixed feelings about Hawaii. Yes, the weather was perfect. Yes, I almost died climbing the Stairway to Heaven. *This was a really sketchy hike that we completed before sunrise (making our lives a whole lot more difficult) but definitely the most beautiful view I have ever seen so a 100% must do (no matter your physical health)* Yes, I almost drowned in the ocean *but at least I got in it. To actually swim in an ocean and enjoy it, was a first for me* Yes, we saw sea turtles doing there thing but you can get that in a lot of places. What I want to know is where all the culture is at? The Oahu island was full of Asian food and covered with Asian tourist so I am not really sure where all of the Hawaiian culture that you would expect to see is at. Maybe on a different island?


“I know NOTHING with any certainly. But the sight of the stars make me dream.” -Vincent Van Gough


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